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For most people, the dating scene is not an end in itself; rather it is a means to finding a long-term relationship. Artisans are the most likely to see dating this way.

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Others view dating as a way to find a partner in life, someone who will work with them to carry out life's tasks including work, children, and caring for parents.

Guardians are the most likely to have this view of dating. While they can enjoy the process, the goal is never too far out of their minds. They hope to find someone with whom they can bare their most intimate secrets and who will respond in kind.

Still others see dating as a means to get to know the opposite sex to find out if a particular person is "the one." Idealists are the most likely to see dating this way. A final group of people often finds dating to be artificial and annoying, sometimes even difficult to navigate.

Rationals are the most likely to have this view of dating.

Some Rationals do enjoy the dating process, but more are likely to feel incompetent, a feeling especially abhorrent to Rationals.

This series looks at the sixteen different types in the dating scene.Each article will highlight one of the sixteen types to give an example of the different kinds of problems each type can have in dating.Each type can have many different fairly common problems as well as a whole host of not-as-common ones.These articles are not meant in any way to give all of the problems, just one or two for each type.Guardians tend to take the dating game very seriously.They tend to be looking for a helpmate, someone who will help them in the serious business of life. It provides many opportunities for fun and enjoyment.

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