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Last week, CNN’s Jake Tapper set up flatline mannequin Wolf Blitzer for one of the easiest assists in the history of televised presidential debates.Tapper asked Hillary Clinton’s campaign director John Podesta about you-know-what; Podesta not only dug it, he reiterated his promise to make sure HRC follows through on her pledge to declassify federal UFO records if elected.

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Maybe next time CNN should assemble celebrity moderators who You know what?

A UFO could set this dude’s house on fire and he’d be blinking into the camera going “Senator, do you or do you not intend to invoke the nuclear option on the filibuster rule? Maybe Syracuse New Times columnist Cheryl Costa has a workable angle.

” /CREDIT: So yeah, another chance to transfer UFOs into political language, where they’ve really been all along — wasted without so much as a constipated grunt. Costa writes about UFOs for her New York readership. Maybe, she reasoned, patterns would emerge, something overlooked.

And maybe by quantifying anomalous activity, residents might get curious enough to query their representatives about what’s going on.

So Costa decided to use unfiltered data from the National UFO Reporting Center, even though trends indicate only a small percentage would stand up to scrutiny as true unknowns.

And numbers, of course, can be arranged to do and mean a lot of different things.That said, something kind of interesting started happening last year when Costa began contrasting sighting reports in New York’s counties with its congressional districts.Costa dug 50 years deep into regional sighting logs, which got a little tricky given the amoebic nature of gerrymandered districting.She discovered no significant activity upticks around military installations, nuclear plants, fault or ley lines.However, Costa emailed De Void, “Kings county in New York City with a population in the millions had an equal number of sightings with a county near the state capital with a population in the tens of thousands.” What impressed Costa and an editor was what she called an “odd clustering” in “the boonies.” For lack of a better idea, an equally puzzled MUFON researcher suggested Costa take those cluster graphics, overlay them across ancient Native American territory, and see what happens.One might argue that it was all Native American territory once upon a time, but anyhow, Costa was jazzed. Every major cluster was over a specific NA territory,” she emailed, “especially in the boonies counties.

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