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I had to edit a feed of Chris Robinson from a festival and in one section a kid (about 23) who was clearly in over his head was interviewing him.

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Wild straight guys but very gay friendly and totally non-homophobic, though they apparently don't have much of a gay fanbase. who pulls off someone else's hat, thinking it would be funny? Back when Henry Rollins first left Black Flag, and was touring with the Rollins Band, he visited Kent State in Ohio.

An acquaintance travels with them occasionally and loves them. Dwight Yoakam - pissed when at a party, I was a bit drunk and thought it would be funny to pull off his hat. i don't care if you were drunk -- this is not junior high.i do agree that rollins is hot. What a tosser, he was married with about 4-5 kids at the time I'd heard about this from a friend he'd screwed over! There was a big hardcore scene there at the time, and a friend of mine--just trying to be hospitable--handed him a copy of the local underground 'zine.

Sting's guitarist Dominic Miller, he'd send out the stage manager to get the phone numbers of hot chicks in the front rows he had been eye-balling during the gigs. Moments later he ran over and collared my friend, totally furious and screaming.

So we had our thread about celebrity jerks, which was basically about diva-ish actors/actresses. Kim Deal (The Breeders/ Pixies): sweetheart, hilarious, weird. I interviewed hundred of bands through the 90s and into the early 2000s.

Which old time rock and rollers were known to be jerks? Chan Marshall (Cat Power): As crazy as she seems on stage. Noel Gallagher (Oasis): Jolly, impossible to understand. Diamanda Galas: brilliant, literary, grand, funny, predatory. They Might Be Giants stand out as one of the most self important, humorless subjects that I'd ever come across.

They Might Be Giants: dicks Billy Corgan: weird, insecure, both friendly and standoffish.

Yeah, he was a good guitarist, but a person shows their character by the way they treat the incidental people they encounter.

I waited on him once at a restaurant and he was a pig -- literally threw food on the floor, made a huge mess on the table, kept ordering things and then changing the order when I served it, totally arrogant and dismissive, left a 35-cent tip on a very expensive meal.

Every question was answered with a one word answer or something glib regardless of the subject matter.

I prided myself on getting great interviews, but these guys were impossible.

I eventually said, "well, we don't really seem to be getting anywhere. " And John (the shorter one) said, "I thought it was going fine." Ugh.

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