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This year's report includes responses from 2,175 people, up from the 2,081 who participated in last year's State of the Industry...

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You’ve come to the right place because we’ve got all of the latest HBO season premieres in one place.

Be sure to check back often as HBO schedule information is updated regularly.

Note that some of our start times are estimated so it’s not a guarantee that your favorite show will come out at that time. All airings and timetables will be updated accordingly as we get more information. A more detailed schedule for September 2016 can be found here.

When Richard Marks was in 10th grade, his father opened a video game store that was ahead of its time.

It was the early ’80s; used game sales weren’t common, and the store — Video Exchange — ran on the gimmick that customers could trade in their games. But for the young Marks, who held the title of chief demo officer, working there was like living in an arcade.

Surrounded by open boxes, he played everything and recommended the best games to customers. Subscribe to Polygon on You Tube Valve has been using a demo set in the Portal universe to show off the HTC Vive hardware for some time, and we wanted to give you a full, clear look at that demo now that we have the hardware and software in the office.

An earlier version of the demo allowed you to extend the reach of your arm by pressing a button on the controller, but the latest version features a teleportation mechanic so you can get around the room and reach things that may be outside the bounds of your physical play area. Bethesda Game Studios' Todd Howard will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at this year's Game Developers Conference, the event's organizers announced in a press release.

"This award reflects on the amazing craft of Todd Howard and his team in making worlds as real as anything on Earth," GDC general event manager Meggan Scavio said of the designer's recognition.

Howard is an industry veteran who's worked with Bethesda for 22 years, leading the development of games in both The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series. Developer interest in creating games for Nintendo's current platforms is at an all time low, according to the annual State of the Industry Survey.

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