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, and unlike previous seasons, this one will pit family members against each other for the chance to win 0,000. "This is crazy," Camila Nakagawa (from MTV's Diem died last November after a long battle with cancer, and Tamburello, her longtime on/off boyfriend, proposed to her more than once in the days before her death. "This season is going to be unlike anything we've done before," host T. have to do it all: Climb mountains on next to no sleep, run up and down hills in sweltering heat while carrying 20-pound bags, play football-like games with plenty of bone-crunching contact, swim, swing, balance, you name it.

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Johnny Devenanzio — better known to the world as Johnny Bananas — has the answer.

The five-time at a Mountain Dew event in downtown Manhattan on Thursday.

“I focused on all strength and no agility and no stamina.

I soon realized we’ve never had a bench press competition.” “Are we dangling off a building? ” added Bananas, who’s had pro athletes like Kelechi Osemele reach out to say they’re impressed.

“You have to be ready for whatever they throw at you.” He concentrated on combining conditioning with balance and overall fitness.

When he realized a lot of events required serious grip strength, he focused on improving it. “I’m like, ‘You need to drop down to 195, dude.’ He realized soon after: ‘Now I get what you’re saying.'” There are, as Bananas pointed out, occasional times when strength and size comes into play: The now-infamous moment when Chris “C.Bananas says his girlfriend lives in Lake Tahoe, so training in increased elevation also gives him an advantage. T.” Tamburello carried Bananas on his back in a There’s another factor on a show that pits fiery competitors against each other and sticks them in a house together with cameras everywhere (can you imagine the super-physical Cavaliers and Warriors doing that during the NBA Finals? “You’re about to go into two months of your life that’s going to feel like a full year,” said vet Camila Nakagawa. You have no phone, no email, you have nothing, so you have no outlet.So the only thing you’ve got are the people around you, and most of the time, you have issues with them.Now that I’ve done a few of these, that’s what I prepare for.That’s a lot more powerful than being tough and strong.” Nakagawa works with a personal trainer, but she’s done a variety of sports and training to keep her in shape for the show: Rock climbing, surfing, paddle-boarding, boot camps and yoga.Jenna Compono, a former cast member who’s already done three seasons, said the secret is confidence, though the former cheerleader works out at a gym twice a day.

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