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The fifties were great years for the teen pinup stars.And the magazines, like Photoplay, Teen Pinups and Movieland, did a great job of showcasing the teen idols.If nothing else has become clear in American politics this week, at least we now know that John Edwards likes to look good.

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But Edward’s pricey stylist wasn’t the only member of the candidate’s camp to break ranks in recent weeks.

Edward’s wife, Elizabeth , got in a heated argument with conservative waif Ann Coulter on MSNBC’s , igniting rumors that the whole thing might have been a publicity ploy to raise money for her hubby’s campaign.

That wouldn’t be out of the question, as Edwards recently e-mailed supporters asking for handouts in order to reach a goal of $9 million raised for the quarter, a big step below the $14 million he was able to raise in the first quarter.

He’s in third place among Democratic candidates but well behind front-runners Hillary Clinton ($27 million) and Barack Obama ($32 million) for earning in the last three months.

It’s precisely these kinds of challenging moments that lead to a public relations emergency.

Then and now: Sources close to Casey Anthony say the former accused murderess is living a boring life in South Florida, five years after her surprise aquittal.

Pictured on the left on July 5, 2011, when a jury found her not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee.

Anthony pictured on the right buying a car in May One source told the magazine that Anthony has started dating again, but that she has only gone on a few dates since the acquittal and that most of them are men she met 'through her very small legal circle'.

'She gets up each day, hangs around, checks the internet, takes some pictures, and doesn't do much.

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