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Most guys try to play it cool when it comes to girls.

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If there was ever doubt before, AD has proven himself to be the greatest running back in the NFL this year—especially when you consider he shredded his knee less than a year ago!

And while there's been some confusion whether or not he's engaged to his girlfriend, until we hear otherwise, we'll list him as one of the most sought-after athletes out there. With traits like that, we're guessing most girls would be busting down a dude's door.

A-Rod loves himself so much, it might be hard to argue he's actually single—though being married to yourself doesn't exactly count. Lin being a bachelor seems to be more of his decision than lack of prospects, so we can definitely appreciate his enthusiasm to stay single.

If it weren't for his complete arrogance, A-Rod would undoubtedly land higher on our list. He's the world's fastest man, so we can only guess there hasn't been a lady who's quick enough to actually catch him to ask for a ring.

After all, the dude is baseball's highest paid player and has landed some really hot chicks before. Bolt seems like the type of guy who won't just settle for second-best, though he's believed to be dating someone now.

He's been married before, so he could get hitched again, but we have a feeling he's enjoying the single life too much to actually do that! She better hope to be the absolute most in order to stay with him.We can only hope he's not as fast in the bedroom as he is on the track.He might not be able to call himself a starting quarterback anymore, but that doesn't mean he still can't sling just about any girl he wants to in the Big Apple.With a dating resume that includes ties to Eva Longoria, Kate Upton and Hilary Rhoda, it's clear that the dude can score chicks.It's scoring touchdowns that seem to be difficult for him.Let's state the case for why you have a better chance at winning the lottery than Ovie does at settling down. Men's soccer team, Bocanegra has some serious responsibilities while on the pitch.

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