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Infidelity, at its root definition, requires the violation of an oath of commitment--a duty to be faithful.

When two adults choose to date each other, it typically involves neither the implication nor the demand that dating all others is off limits.

In fact, in Western culture, dating prior to marriage is one of the ways that people ultimately choose their spouse.

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After all, if one day they are to be married, then the door will forever be shut on meeting other suitors.

I’ll grant you that infidelity can happen in circumstances other than marriage. S., more people choose to live together than choose to marriage.

Moreover, in most states in this country, romantically involved gay and lesbian couples do not have the option of marrying.

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website, Crimesider: “Arias is charged with first-degree murder in the 2008 death of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

Alexander was stabbed 27 times and suffered a slashed throat and gunshot to the head. She faces the death penalty if convicted.” This is a tragic story, and the trial involves a number of mental health experts taking the stand.

I was watching today as Alyce La Violette, MS, MFCC was giving testimony as an expert for the defense.

In the course of the interrogation, the defense implied that Travis Alexander had emailed other women with whom he appeared to have been having romantic relationships.

In the course of that testimony, when asked whether that act would be considered infidelity Ms. “Yes,” she responded, adding, “It’s considered a form of psychological abuse.” The last thing I want to do is step into the “legal expert” arena, but as a marriage educator I feel compelled to address the opinion offered by Ms.

La Violette: that infidelity occurred between Arias and Alexander.

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