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When you have as much fun with your lover as with your friends - I think that's simply the secret. (Source: En Aparte' Interview, 2004) [Johnny] is aware of everything! And I guess that being away and seeing other people just brings us closer together. And that's it because I had already begun to fall in love. Fear never prevents danger from happening so I do not. We are never sure of anything but It's not because one has fear that one is going to prevent anything from happening, anyway.

Here, Johnny plays a transvestite, and he does an astounding job.

And, for me, I get to see what our daughter will look like in 30 years.

(laughs) (Source: Tetu Magazine, August 23, 2007) We were in two different worlds [before becoming a couple] - him in America, me in France - but we had friends in common.

Vanessa Paradis, affectionately referred to by Johnny as "my girl" during the duration of their relationship, is the mother of Lily-Rose Melody Depp and John (Jack) Christopher Depp, III. And especially, the way you know he is the one - I mean that I think that the love of your life is also your best friend. We talked, and it was interesting, and I wanted to continue to talk, and not only to look at him. He is very fond of the internet and all that stuff... (Source: The Sunday Times, May 16, 2004) We can't be apart for long. As long as we have everything they need - which is a lot, like about 40 bags - we have as normal a life as possible. Because we know we've got the best to come - when we're together again at home.

Vanessa is an internationally acclaimed French singer, model and actress. And because one often says that the first months, the initial years, love, passion, and after it goes away. Then, especially at the beginning if you have other things to say to each other than "You are beautiful", "I love you", "You are beautiful", "You are magnificent" - if that's the only thing that you have to say to each other, the relationship is not going to last. As a matter of fact, before we kissed, with my "amoureux", I remember it was the thing which seduced me the most, even more than his incredible physical appearance, it was "Ah la la! " Even before he became my "amoureux", even before we kissed, before being in total ecstasy, we talked and I found him interesting. Luckily for me, I have spent my life traveling, so I am used to going wherever Johnny is, whether its England, Prague, Mexico or Paris. (Source: The Sunday Times, May 16, 2004) You learn that what matters is the friends who surround you wherever you are. (Source: The Sunday Times, May 16, 2004) There are lots of pretty women out there and everyone, whether they are a plumber or a lawyer, has occasions to be unfaithful. (Source: The Sunday Times, May 16, 2004) We've never said we don't want to get married, but we're neither opposed to it nor excited about it. But we are more than married: we have two children. (Source: The Sunday Times, May 16, 2004) [The] idea [of making a film together] is rather frightful.

While protective of the family's privacy, she occasionally speaks on the relationship she and Johnny share, and the man Johnny is. We both had pasts, but when we met each other, we just knew. (Source: The Mail, March 19, 2000) We are good for each other. We were not alone I promise you, but we shook hands, and I felt his presence all over and I did not even see who it was. We were not talking about the weather, we were seriously talking! To us, a good life is about having good people around you, people you love, who care for you. [Johnny] is confronted by people every day who, you know, are prettier than me. First, I ask myself how I could be serious in front of him because he makes me laugh all the time. That scares us, because that "screws the brothel to the house." This is all that.

The following quotes may be English translations of French interviews. (Source: French Elle, March 20, 2000) [Johnny is] even more gorgeous than you think. The outside is not something I want to forget about, but it is what is inside that matters. Yeah he's a beautiful person that all the women are so in love with, but he's a million times more than that in private. When you have a baby, there are things you'd never expect to do, things you'd never expect the person with you to do. We didn't know what the sex was, but it was so great. I'm not sure we inspire each other for our work, but we help each other, and that's important. (Source: Paris Match, 2004) We were single and we jumped on each other! To lie in his eyes in the middle of a crew on a stage... And then, I don't know, this is bizarre, that is to say, he leaves to do his work, I leave to do mine, and when we return home, we share something really strong, really true... But on the other hand, there would be advantages, though because later, our children would have a memory on the big screen, and that would allow us to not be separate for three to four months. I was introduced to the owner of the club, I shook his hand, said hello and then, suddenly I looked up and I saw those eyes!

In this world full of dramas and horrors, we are inclined to forget that things can be just simple and beautiful. (Source: French Elle, March 20, 2000) It's not only because he's the man I love, but I've never met a personality as beautiful as his. (Source: French Elle, March 20, 2000) I assure you. When I ask him for advice, what he says is extremely correct, smart and never the norm. The album that I'm recording with Mathieu Chedid is, by far, the most personal that I've ever made; Without Johnny, I would have never achieved it. They say I tamed Johnny, but maybe he was ready to be tamed. (Source: The Mail, March 19, 2000) I was so lucky from the day I got pregnant. I felt physically well and had this wonderful person at my side. I held her up, and it was like we were both, 'Oh my God, it's a little girl! We are best friends, and you're never going to leave your best friend, are you? (Source: The Courier-Mail, 2000) From the minute Lily-Rose was born, [Johnny] already was a great father. It is not a nice thing to say, but it didn't take long. It would be silly to tell you how smart and funny and brilliant and special and beautiful he is. (Source: Comme Au Cinema, June 22, 2004) [Johnny] had a bar where concerts were played in Los Angeles. It was very dark, like it is in any other place like that. After that he went to play on stage and I saw him in the light. " But before, when I shook his hand, I didn't know who he was! (Source: Vivement Dimanche, 2005) I have nothing but admiration.

My amoureux, my daughter and I, it's the perfect triangle. I would say the same thing about him if I was only his friend. Not only did Johnny give me one, but he also had the patience to teach me to play it. I'd like to be able to help him as much as he helps me, but, maybe in that way, he needs me less than I need him. (Source: DS magazine, November 2000) [Johnny] will always be a rebel. (Source: Paris Match, 2004) What is it about him I love? But this was five years before we [became a couple]. I'm very impressed with the man himself, but also with the actor inside of him.

When you are happy, you want to share your happiness. (Source: French Elle, March 20, 2000) I was afraid that after the first three months of passion, things between [Johnny and I] would settle down a little. Our story is more and more beautiful, stronger and stronger. He is not this kind of person who follows the leader, but he always stays in the right direction. You all know that he doesn't take on tailor-made roles..majority of what you see on the screen is his creation.

(Source: French Elle, March 20, 2000) We talk about our projects. We help each other, but it's not the centre of our life. (Source: DS magazine, November 2000) Johnny is a wonderful father. He likes to see Lily-Rose growing up as much as I do. (Source: Construire, March 20, 2001) [I knew he was the right one] by - he had an effect on me in the dark. Everyone thinks that Pirates is such a great film, now that it's made millions of dollars..the first few weeks of filming were really difficult for Johnny.

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