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Are you a lover of good music, movies and lifestyle? A homegrown company, Continental Satellite Limited (CONSAT), has put all these and more in a bouquet. Their maximum ubscription is #4000 CONSAT(Continental Satellite) is a new Nigeria pay TV which offers subscriber more interesting world class channel, with foreign and local content on a superb picture quality, with the aim of reducing the high pay to enjoy satellite programs.

Do you care for quality entertainment and information? The only downside for now is the fact that They have more than 101 channels which include the followings: TVC News BBC World News Africa Sky News International Al Jazeera English Fox News Channel France 24 English Bloomberg TV Africa CNBC Africa Business TV Eurosport News Wap TV Kennis Music Channel Primetime Africa Tiwantiwa TV Nigezie Viasat Explorer Africa Viasat Crime Africa TVC Entertainment Iqraa Africa & Europe Oyo State Broadcasting Corporation Lagos TV Ogun State TV Edo Broadcasting Service Osun State Broadcasting Corporation and many more… (1) free to view N1000 per year which will give you access to all the news channels like BBC news, Aljazera news, fox news, sky news and many more (2) basic ___N999 (3) mini premium___N1999 (4) premium____N3999 Learn all other things you need to know from their official website at: Dstv days are numbered with such competition, I only pray that consat should be able to add sports channels that will be showing live English premiership matches.

Individuals and small businesses, who previously could not receive high speed internet service, may do so now via satellite.

Hughes Net is a consumer-grade broadband service via satellite especially for those who can not be serviced by cable, dsl or fiber optic networks.

Satellite DSL technology makes high-speed internet available via satellite to everyone in the U.

S., as long as you have a clear view of the Southern sky.return to faq directory Hughes Net satellite systems employ advanced encryption technology to insure information privacy and security for all users keeping your computer safe from hackers and prying eyes.

Many industries employ Hughes Net satellite systems in the delivery of sensitive credit card information over networks.

The complexity of satellite transmissions alone prevents any information from being intercepted from this system.

No, Hughes Net satellite DSL is an ISP providing Internet access for all subscribers.

Standard consumer service includes 5 e-mail accounts; business service includes 10 email accounts.

All includes spam and virus protection with up to 2 Gb of storage.

So, there's no need for the expense of a separate provider for internet access.

It's a fast, efficient way to connect to the Internet via satellite operating on the Ku frequency band.

A sleek, new design houses the next generation communication modems neatly in a single compact unit.

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