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Sony Ericsson advertise the P1i as a successor to the P990 and the M600, but the P1 is hard to classify as an upgrade to either of them: it has the same flip-less, candybar form factor as the M600 and W950 while offering many features previously reserved for the P-series, like Wi Fi or camera.

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about 48 MB, having twice more RAM means that there is FOUR TIMES MORE free RAM memory available for the user and applications (128 MB - 48 MB = 80 MB free RAM in the P1 compared to 64 MB - 48 MB = 16 MB in P990).

If you own the P990, M600 or W950, you most probably know that the limited size of available RAM has always been the most serious problem on these models. 80 MB free RAM in the P1 means virtually unlimited multitasking, i.e.

the ability to simultaneously run as many programs as you wish and keep them working in the background.

- Symbian OS 9.1 - UIQ 3.0 - ARM9 CPU @ 208 MHz - Java MIDP 2.0 - 3.2 Mpix camera - 160 MB storage memory - 128 MB RAM, 80 MB available - Memory Stick Micro (M2) - hardware QWERTY keypad - GPRS, UMTS - 240x320 QVGA screen - Bluetooth 2.0 EDR - USB 2.0 Important notice: This review is based on a prototype unit, which doesn't represent quality or functionality to be offered by commercial devices.

Some features are still missing or are subject to change or improve, so any drawbacks mentioned in this review or the quality of included picture and video samples should not be treated as what's to be expected when the P1 becomes officially available.

There is a major firmware update scheduled to be ready and installed on commercial units, so let's treat this (p)review as a decription of NOT LESS than what you can expect, but there most probably will be something more...

As always with products being upgrades to existing models, this review focuses on CHANGES and NEW FEATURES rather than repeating what hasn't changed and has already been reviewed several times in the past.

If some information you're looking for is not covered by this review (e.g.

description of Calendar or Contacts applications which are the same as in previous models), please check our P990i review and M600i review for details.

Announced on May 8th 2007, the Sony Ericsson P1 (P1i) is scheduled for release in Q3 2007.

With the announcement of the P1 Sony Ericsson breaks the clear distinction between the P-series (P800, P900, P910 and P990) and the M-series (M600) and W-series (W950).

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