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Hints about upgrading to Solaris 8 directory which stores browser preferences and other information.

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Mozilla functions just fine, but it does not speed up.

To work around this problem, add the line: , then restart the application.

Netscape 6 or Mozilla will try to migrate your Netscape 4.

With the recent announcement from AOL that they will end support for Netscape in February, many loyal Netscape users will be looking for a new browser.

Since Netscape 9 is based off of Firefox 2 with a few extensions built-in, it would seem moving to Firefox 2 would be the logical choice.

However once users Get Firefox, they are going to discover that the social networking features that came with Netscape 9 are not included.

While it is not too difficult to get these features installed in Firefox 2, locating them on addons.(AMO) isn’t as easy. Back in March, shortly after the time Netscape 9 was announced, the Netscape Add-ons Team registered on AMO and posted the Netscape theme and the 4 standard extensions for Firefox 2.

The purpose of this page is to diagnose problems with Netscape 6 for Solaris.

If you have experienced a problem, there is a chance you will see a description of that problem here.

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