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The Nessus server uses the value of the NSTCTPASSWD variable found in /etc/

If you don't want to edit the file by hand, you can use the grep and sed commands to examine and change the "clear text" password used by Nessus.

All changes need to be done PRIOR to starting up Nessus server.

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Unfortunately, this can chew through a lot of RAM on a live boot of the NST and result in system lock ups.

So, by default, we have disabled much of the Nessus logging capabilities in the template /etc/nessus/configuration file.

If you are using a hard disk installation, you may want to adjust some of the logging related parameters in the /etc/nessus/file.

When Nessus scans systems, it can perform multiple tests on multiple hosts simultaneously.

This can put a rather large load on your NST system.

In addition to the large load on your system, if you are running from a Live CD on a system with too little RAM, its possible to run out of memory and lock your system.

You can reduce the load by adjusting the "max_hosts", "max_checks", and "be_nice" settings found in the "/etc/nessus/nessusd.conf" file.

The following snip of the "/etc/nessus/nessusd.conf" file demonstrates values you might use to reduce the load: # Maximum number of simultaneous hosts tested : max_hosts = 3 # Maximum number of simultaneous checks against each host tested : max_checks = 5 # Niceness. be_nice = yes If you use the Nessus client, you'll be required to enter a user name and password when you connect to the Nessus server.

By default, you will need to enter root as the user ID and the value of NSTCTPASSWD found in /etc/

This password is not set by the nstpasswd script which is used to set many of the encrypted passwords found on they system.

The Nessus client/server installation on the NST requires a "clear text" password so the Nessus scans can be run directly from the NST WUI.

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