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Word is chock full of tricks, shortcuts, and settings that can make working with documents faster, easier, more powerful, and more efficient.

However, working with documents doesn't just mean using the commands on the Office menu (Open, Save, Close, and so on).

No one who has used Word for any length of time needs to be convinced of the importance of saving a document regularly.

We've all experienced that moment of horror (sometimes called the ) when we realize that Word has locked solid and we haven't saved for awhile, so all our recent work is toast.

Most of us have become friendly with the Ctrl+S shortcut for the Save command and use it as often as possible.

However, it's easy to forget to save when you're busy and a deadline looms large.

As a safety net, Word has an Auto Recover feature that automatically stores information about the changes you've made to your document since the last save.

If Word goes down for the count, it can use the Auto Recover data to help you recover some or all of your work.

Auto Recover has saved me on a number of occasions, so I'm a big fan of this feature.

If it has a downside, however, it's that the default interval that Word uses to save the Auto Recover data is too long: 10 minutes.

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