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Land, it gives me the collywobbles.» The bone-porcelain, flowered clock on the mantel finished chiming three. But keep your voice in your shoes and stop starin' at me with funny lights in your eyes. That's why I'm mad at you and your wickers and such goings-on. Twenty-five years back, her father's voice trembled in the late afternoon: «Tildy,» he whispered, «what you goin' to _do_ in life?

If you got a mind to talk to me, well, you can talk, but meantime I hope you don't mind if I pour myself coffee. If you'd been more polite, I'd offer you some, but you jump in here high and mighty and you never rapped on the door or nothin'. These winters get on mighty chill, and it ain't fittin' for a lady with bones like rice-paper to be settin' in a drafty old house without warmin' herself.» The tall, dark man sat down. «Let me tell you about Emily, my sweet, fair child.» Aunt Tildy nodded thoughtfully.

Out in the hail, grouped around the wicker basket, four men waited, quietly, as if they were frozen. «It's past six feet long, and by the look, it ain't laundry.

And those four men you walked in with, you don't need them to carry that basket― why, it's light as thistles. » The dark young man was leaning forward on the antique chair.

Something in his face suggested the basket wouldn't be so light after a while.

She'll shoo you out'n this parlor so quick it'll―“ The dark young man looked at Aunt Tildy as if she were tired. You run off, come back when I'm done, maybe I'll talk to you.» Aunt Tildy shifted subjects.

He weaved back and forth on the chair, half-shutting his eyes, resting himself. I got a hunderd comforters, two hundred sweaters and six hundred potholders in these fingers, no matter they're skinny! Rest, rest, nice rest....» «Great sons of Goshen on the Gilberry Dike! With no interruptions, no foreign calamities, murders, poisonings, auto accidents, suicides. So the years ran, while Aunt Tildy tried to teach Emily her philosophy. She respected Aunt Tildy's way of thinking, however, and never mentioned―eternity. Harry Lauder singing «Roamin' in the Gloamin',» Madame Schumann-Heink and lullabies. You lay hands on me, I'll spit right _in_ your face! She tried to talk him out of it, hut he passed on, anyway. She couldn't stay on once he was cold, for his coldness denied her philosophy. She didn't do anything but set up this antique shop on the front of an old house and live alone for years, that is, until Emily came. Yes, the dark young man smiled from the antique rocker, he knew how Aunt Tildy had stuck to her nice old phonograph records. Well, if you think you can talk me into that silly wicker basket, you're way off the trestle. «We all stand alone in the world.» «There's got to be a change sometime, Papa. Why, it's silly people live a couple years and are shoved like wet seeds in a hole; but nothin' sprouts. He bleached out, faded away, like a photo left lying in the sun. «Emily,» continued Aunt Tildy, to the man in black, «was the first to live in this house with me in all the years. I feared the idea of livin' with a man twenty-thirty years and then have him up and die on me. He knew about her and World War II, when she shut off her radio forever and stopped the newspapers and beat a man's head with an umbrella, driving him from her shop when he insisted on describing the invasion beaches and the long, slow tides of the dead drifting under the silent urgings of the moon.

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