Ulaan dating Chat room to find submissive women

I gave her a good orgasm (or she fakes really good) so the next day she SMS me already in the early afternoon to come for another session Overall I had few girls like her in few weeks I've been there, but she was the best, one time another girl which looks good came but when starting to remove her clothes she smells not good... Note that those girls are not eager to do anything is sex, anal seemed rare and even blow jobs some get tired after few minutes, so dont expect Brazil or Thai treatmnet though you can never know what you get. You of course have to go in the summer, when its warm and the girls all walk around in short skirts.In weekend there are few club, go to the strings bar, best place for party and pickups, there is Irish bar near the Sukbataar square which is also not bad for pickups and have great food. The thing is that most of the foreigner bars/clubs cater to hookers.

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Ulan Bator is the only Asian city I'd consider moving to full time,great place,great women.

Have to agree with nomadicdude about the men there,they can't handle their drink and when drunk they turn into violent dicks.

Big powerful lumps they are too so you need to be careful at night.

Surprisingly very cool spot for girls, though not nasty and strong in nightlife other asian cities like Bangkok or Manila, but the girls are pretier and a lot of them are liberal.

Looks: Whitest skin which I saw in east Asia, tits are also bigger and theit height.

If you go to the few places that foreigners go, then there are quite a lot of Mongolian girls there which looks for foreigners, some of them are semi-pro hookers, its like they have a normal job and would not have sex with a guy which they dont like but once in your room or even after sex they will expect some cash because you are a foreigner and probably very rich.

As I did not like that after 1 case I had, I use to say from start that I'm not paying money for sex, did that gently surely as they are quite a lot of girls which are just normal girls.

One thing that will help in scoring fast is to say to them you are a businessman which will stay there for half year or so and looking for a girlfriend.

Money is definetly a factor as most of east asia but they are also liberal and hot and eager to meet and have sex with foreigners. A friend went to China and hooked up with a Mongolian girl there.

Met that super cute girl 23 YO, 1.60, fairly white, maybe 42 kilos with B size breast, met her at one of the clubs and exchange phones, the other day I invite her to my hotel (SMS) for a "Drink", she asks for money but I've told her that I will not pay for sex only for Taxi. There is good nightlife in Ulaan Baatar and the girls are hot.

She came and we had a really good sex for couple of hours, she was also fun to be with, in case I would stayed there for a while I would surely date her. I've been almost everywhere in Asia and I'd rate UB as one of the top three cities for hot Asian girls.

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