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Pac’s rapport with Left Eye seemed to permeate more on a spiritual level.

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And while said word may be overblown or overused when describing Pac to those who never sipped the kool-aid, it is the most accurate characterization.

His words – however flawed in certain situations – his way of thinking and his fearlessness endeared him to millions, Left Eye being one.

In 1992, Lopes painted Tupac a portrait of himself.

Certain people change our lives for the better and never leave, even if their physical does.

For Lisa Lopes, better known as “Left Eye” from TLC, Tupac Shakur was just that.

“Tupac was a reflection of me,” a passage from Lopes reads in .

“Some of the questions unanswered in my mind, I can listen to a Tupac song and the answer will jump right out and hit me in the head.

I look at his interviews, I look at the way his life was, I see a lot of me.” In the near 20 years following his death, Pac’s relationships with several high profile women have been immortalized.

Jada Pinkett-Smith has never shied away from talking about how much their friendship impacted her, going as far to say, “The type of relationship we had…you only get that once in a lifetime.

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