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This is the first of three workshops with 100 Resilient Cities (see post below) to demonstrate “Tactical Resilience.” Watch this video to see Norfolk’s “Retain Your Rain” workshop in action!Mike Lydon joined four other speakers Monday night to discuss the future of transportation in Boston, specifically complete streets, equity, connectivity, and emerging technology.The event was one of multiple public events the City of Boston has held to collect public input, and encourage support for, its Go Boston2030 plan. On Thursday, June 2, Mike Lydon led a demonstration project at the intersection of Islington and Bartlett Streets in Portsmouth, complete with new plants, parking spaces, crosswalks, a curb extension, and a parklet.

The project was accomplished with a budget under $2,000, including the police detail for set-up and take-down, further emphasizing how providing people with low-cost experiences could lead to potential long-term change. Street Plans has joined 100 Resilient Cities as a partner to provide “Tactical Resilience” workshops to 100RC members to help implement cities’ long-term resilience strategies.

The workshops will be half or full-day “pop-up” sessions, where stakeholders and members of the public will experience what it means for their city to build resilience through low-cost, temporary changes to the built environment– the space in which people live and work on a day-to-day basis.

The demonstrations will be developed around a range of resilience priorities, and may include the programming of unused space, demonstration of water management techniques, or urban mobility improvements.

Interaction Mobile Services somos una compañía independiente creada a partir de un grupo de profesionales procedentes del mundo del marketing móvil y desarrollo de aplicaciones y proyectos que decidimos dar un paso y favorecer la evolución de las aplicaciones móviles hacia un mundo de interconexión entre dispositivos, plataformas y gestores.

Entendemos que las infinitas posibilidades que podrían ofrecer las aplicaciones a sus propietarios si éstas estuvieran conectadas deben ser aprovechadas sin necesidad de tener un gran conocimiento por parte de todos.

Es por esto que nos lanzamos hace dos años al desarrollo de una Plataforma interactiva que pudiera dar respuesta a todas estas necesidades.

Nuestros clientes pueden ser desde los desarrolladores de aplicaciones hasta las agencias interesadas en la comercialización de servicios de valor para sus marcas que apuestan por el desarrollo de aplicaciones móviles como canal para conseguir dicho objetivo.

Nuestra Plataforma interactiva ha sido empleada para los principales proyectos de Second Screen en España y para las acciones interactivas más novedosas de nuestro país.

In partnership with ioby, the City of Norfolk, and AMEC Foster Wheeler, Street Plans conducted a hands-on, one-day workshop on Saturday, June 4 with 50 neighborhood leaders from the Neon District, and the Ghent and Chesterfield neighborhoods of Norfolk, VA.

The workshop demonstrated how property owners, both business and residential, can help alleviate rainwater flooding in the city by building small flood mitigation projects to hold water on their property, thereby slowing down rain runoff and preventing flooding.

The participants and workshop leaders installed four rain barrels, one rain garden, and depaved a sidewalk for landscaping/water retention.

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