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In homes, cakes, candies, breads, fruits and beer are offered on family altars.The devout Tibetan Buddhist begins the new year by honoring his or her dharma teacher.

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The day also includes sacred dances and debates of Buddhist philosophy.

The second day of Losar, called Gyalpo or "King's" Losar, is for honoring community and national leaders.

Long ago it was a day for kings to hand out gifts at public festivals.

is the Tibetan New Year, a three-day festival that mixes sacred and secular practices -- prayers, ceremonies, hanging prayer flags, sacred and folk dancing, partying.

It is the most widely celebrated of all Tibetan festivals and represents a time for all things to be purified and renewed.

Tibetans follow a lunar calendar, so the date of Losar changes from year to year.

It begins February 18 in 2015, February 8 in 2016 and January 28 in 2017.

It sometimes falls on the same date as Chinese New Year, but not always.

During the month before Losar, in Tibetan households the eight auspicious symbols and other signs are drawn on walls with white powder.

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