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Development of the email client Thunderbird was more or less restricted to maintenance and security updates ever since Mozilla made the decision to use resources for other projects and move development into the hands of the community.

Lightning Calendar is now integrated natively Probably the biggest change in Thunderbird 38.0.1 is the native integration of the popular calendar add-on Lightning.

You find it listed under "events and tasks" in Thunderbird's main menu bar.

A click on it displays options to add events and tasks, open the Calendar and Task Manager, and perform various other calendar related activities. If you don't use the calendar functionality it provides, you may uninstall or disable it in the add-ons manager.

This is done in the following way: Yahoo Messenger support in Chat I never really used the chat functionality in Thunderbird even though it supports several popular chat services such as Facebook, XMPP, Twitter or Google Talk.

The most recent addition is Yahoo Messenger which you can connect to now as well.

Google OAuth 2 support Thunderbird supports Google's OAuth 2 authentication protocol in version 38.0.1.

One of the benefits of that is that it is now easier to integrate Google accounts into the email client as it is no longer necessary to modify a setting in the account options of the Google account to get it to work with Thunderbird.

You can switch the authentication method for existing accounts in the account settings: Global Address Book Search Mozilla improved the global address search functionality in Thunderbird.

While the client did support global search before using auto-complete functionality when you started to type addresses in to, bcc or cc fields in emails, it never really offered global search in other areas.

Sent Filter / Archived Filter Candidate for a feature that took the longest to implement -- it was first filed in 1999 -- it allows you to apply filters to sent messages, for instance to move them to a different sent folder.

When you open the new filter dialog in the email client, you find new options listed there and one of them is to apply filters "after sending".

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