Webcams no age - The guide to dating

Every time someone called to me, I ignored them, just assuming “Lucy” no longer signified me.

The guide to dating

It does mean I can pick and choose what to respond to, though.

And when she says, “Shut up, Lucy,” it never gets old to respond, “But I didn’t say anything! A friend once confessed she wasn’t sure if it was enough to simply say “Hi Lucy” or “Hi Lucys” or even “Hi Lucii”, or whether she should say “Hi Lucy and Lucy” when she sees us.

For a while we toyed with the idea of demanding “Lucy and Lucy” at all times, just to annoy everyone.

In my time I’ve known a Georgia and a Georgia, a Marcus and a Marcus, and a Clare who’s dated not one, but two Claires.

It’s not entirely unheard of in mixed-gender dating; I’ve known an Alex and Alex, and I harbour a strong desire for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette to hook up so we’ve got Sam and Sam, but it’s a far more likely situation in same-gender scenarios.

There’s even a Reddit thread devoted to discussing the benefits and pitfalls.I’ve always found it fascinating, and had an unnecessary amount of questions for my same-name couple friends.I found myself swiping right on Lucys, almost purely because of their name, but it seemed like a distant fantasy. Now I’m one of those people who dates someone with the same name as them.There are some highs, and some lows, and some myths that need to be dispelled (but mostly confirmed).The first time we met someone together and they said, “Lucy and Lucy? Well, that’s easy, only one name to remember,” it was mildly funny. Now, I still laugh because I’m a nice person, but seriously, we’ve heard it before. It’s not only not funny, but it’s also highly unoriginal. Though lately, I’ve stopped responding when people say my name, because other Lucy (‘Lucy Two’ as I affectionately call her, to her despondence) is far more popular than me, and more people want to talk to her.When a friend wants to talk to both of us, they can just say “Lucy! I recently found myself the only Lucy in the room, a rare occasion of late.

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