dating h9r1k1 - Texlive updating tlmgr 2016

Te X Live is an "easy way to get up and running with the Te X document production system.It provides a comprehensive Te X system with binaries for most flavors of Unix, including GNU/Linux, and also Windows.

texlive updating tlmgr 2016-33

All other packages are based on the eponymous collections in Te X Live.

To determine which CTAN packages are included in each package, lookup the files: This command is also capable of changing other useful settings. (Note that if you do not use the experimental engine Lua Te X, you can ignore this.) This situation typically occurs when the configuration files By default, the fonts that come with the various Te X Live packages are not automatically available to Fontconfig.

If you want to use them with, say Xe Te X or Libre Office, the easiest approach is to make symlinks as follows: Usage: tllocalmgr tllocalmgr [options] [command] [args] Running tllocalmgr alone starts the Te XLive local manager shell for Arch Linux. There you can look at the available updates with the command 'status' and you can install individual CTAN packages using 'install' or 'update' under $TEXMFLOCAL.

This is done by creating a package texlive-local- and installing it with pacman.

Note that this won’t interfere with your standard texlive installation, but files under $TEXMFLOCAL will take precedence.

Here are the commands available in the shell: Commands: status -- Current status of Te XLive installation shortinfo * -- Print a one-liner description of CTAN packages info * -- Print info on CTAN packages update * -- Locally update CTAN packages install * -- Locally install new CTAN packages installdoc * -- Locally install documentation of CTAN packages installsrc * -- Locally install sources of CTAN packages listfiles * -- List all files in CTAN packages search * -- Search info on CTAN packages searchfiles * -- Search for files in CTAN packages texhash -- Refresh the Te X file database clean -- Clean local build tree help -- Print helpful information quit -- Quit tllocalmgr The commands followed by * take one of more package names as arguments.

Note that these can be completed automatically by pressing TAB.

You can also run tllocalmgr as a standard command-line program, with one of the above commands as argument, then the corresponding task will be performed and the program will exit (except when the command is 'status').

tllocalmgr accepts the following options: Options: --help Shows this help --version Show the version number --forceupdate Force updating the Te XLive database --skipupdate Skip updating the Te XLive database --localsearch Search only installed packages --location #TODO?

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