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There aren’t a lot of guys that are comfortable with the concept of touch.

Touch Is Important Sadly, guys are missing the point.

According to Tao Of Badass reviews on Behavioral Ecology.net, touch is very important.

It’s actually a vital component in creating and establishing rapport with a woman.

But since most guys are missing this point, they end up in a zone where they don’t want to be in and that’s the friend zone!

The system of touch is so important that The Tao Of Badass reinforces it all the time. Hence, The Tao Of Badass stresses the importance of knowing when to use the system.

Unfortunately most guys either fail to appreciate the system of touch or overdo it once they realize the importance of it.

The Tao Of Badass guides guys on when and how to use the system of touch.

It Sets A Connection Guys should realize that a simple touch can mean a lot.

Any woman, especially women with wide hips or those who are used to be touched, will feel a tinge of excitement with just a friendly touch of the hand.

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