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He's successful and powerful enough that he managed to get FGA a record deal. And, believe it or not, I can't think of any other gay singer who is relevant right now. The sweet, matronly image was mostly an inside joke. Matraca is still a writer, though, and continues to have some success. I don't care for the current state of country music. R39 - just curious about NGR."John Cowan from New Grass Revival - straight but teeny weenie."I heard it took a lot of money for Garth Brooks to get them to reunite back in the early 90s. He went from massively huge in the mid-70s to really thin when John, Pat, Sam and Bela were recording in the mid to late 80s. Although I'm not sure a gay guy would wear that awful olive suit. I never met John, but I met Bela in the early 80s before NGR. Pat Flynn is one of the nicest guys you could meet. If by "screwing around" you mean "emotional affair," then yes, you're right, because Vince and Amy declared on national tv that he didn't put his pee-pee in her coot-coot until they were both divorced. I would say Gary - the lead singers -- is straight. I haven't been around Dan and Shay or the Swon brothers, and haven't heard anything about them.

He flirts with men and women something fierce, but it's more to get what he wants.

Her outfits are made in such a way as to accentuate her boobs. And although people don't want to believe it, I promise you that Kenny Chesney is straight.

I don't even know if he lives in Nashville, but he is never a presence on the scene here, ever.

NO ONE expected them to blow up the way they did, and I think --at least i hope -- their days are dwindling. He has that stupid party boy personna more because it was a niche he and his manager saw needed filling than because it really fits him, because it doesn't. I WISH Sam Hunt were, but I haven't heard anything one way or the other. She could be very dominant, and an absolute terror in the bedroom. I prefer the 90's folk-influenced music, such as Nanci Griffith, Suzzy Boggus, Kathy Mattea. John Cowan from New Grass Revival - straight but teeny weenie. John Cowan is one of the most under appreciated singers alive today. I spent lots of time picking his brain when he taught at the National Guitar Summer Workshop. As a horny high schooler in the late 70s/early 80s, I had the biggest crush on Bela Fleck. R51-two more questions: I love Wade Hayes - I know about his cancer- but is he straight. Rascal Flatts if they aren't gay I'll eat my hat- especially the lead singer. He hasn't been active in quite a while, and I don't know a thing about him. Posted in another thread on this subject, but Randy Travis used to date Stephanie Shippae, a popular drag/tranny entertainer in Tampa who, incidentally, looks like Lil' Kim.

As for Luke Bryan, I've know him for years, and used to write with him. I've never met Jason Aldean, but I have friends who know him, and he is redneck white trash to the core. I'm a little surprised, but there is no dish on any other current singer. I always thought Marty Stuart pinged, until I met him. Not because he is handsome- although that helps- but because his talent is so overwhelming. And aren't Luke and Jason Aldean business partners. To R8, Kenny Chesney does like the mens;he can pretend to be str8 all he wants. Vince Gill and Amy Grant were screwing around while both were still married. Has mental issues and not an easy person to deal with. When I finally met him, I couldn't say anything other than hi. I also think that Dan+Shay are lovers and that Swon brothers are gay. His closetedness and drinking ruined their relationship, but for a time they were deeply in love and supposedly they still keep in contact.

His producer -- Michael Knox -- is hot as a motherfucker. He looks effeminate in photos, what with the hair and clothes, but not so much in person. Chesney is straight, and a douche-bro asshole that needs a good ass-kicking. I had him(and he had me)several times in St Johns when I was on vacation a few yrs back. A year ago, she posted this comment under the You Tube video for "On the Other Hand" at the link: THANK YOU MY HERO!!

He comes across more as just a redneck who thinks the flamboyant clothes and pouffy hair are "elegant". My partner came close to delivering said ass-kicking a few years ago. Sam Hunt is too pretty to be straight, but no rumors. I have wondered about Chris Young and Hunter Hayes. SOOOOOOOO worried about his image, I explained to Miss Chesney,no one believes you are str8 after Renee sued you for fraud in your divorce 25 days later. As I said, Kenny does flirt with men, but it's not sexual. XOXOAre there any country stars that are particularly hard to get along with or just assholes in general besides Florida Georgia Line?

He's been married to a singer who is much older than he is for ages. Country stars have a persona of being down to earth.

Is anyone the opposite of this - extremely arrogant and full of themselves? He would hang out with this girls who looked like total porn stars, but I still got the feeling he was at least bi. I actually liked some of his music, and think his "Paint me a Birmingham" was one of the last great, well-written country songs, before it started to go downhill. That alone is enough to make me question her sexuality. I have always had the impression that she's cock crazy. Country music used to have some great women singers, from Patsy Cline to Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton and Reba Mc Entire.

From a friend who works in Nashville: Taylor Swift - lez and a control freak Tim Mc Graw and Faith Hill - open marriage Carrie Underwood - bitch on wheels Dolly Parton - lez with imaginary "husband"Kenny Chesney - gay gay gay Luke Bryan - bi, open marriage with his wife Miranda Lambert - is not the innocent party in the breakup of her marriage, did her fair share of cheating Blake Shelton - into kinky sex/s&m R71 - Barbara is supposed to be a hard nut to crack. Never heard any lez or drug rumors but she always had decent handlers. R77If you think R73 has any inside info then you haven't read the rest of the thread. We used to work out at the same gym, and I always always always thought he pinged. And -- I've known the Little Big Town guys for years, although I don't see them at all anymore. They've been around for years and years, and I'm glad they're still doing well. I know it is a cliche, but I just do not know too many straight women fans of that show. Wynonna was on a cooking show a while back, and I got the feeling she was far more interested in the beautiful cook than she was the food. We were also represented by the same people for a while, so I would see her fairly often. A little grumpy and arrogant, and not overly friendly. I knew her LONG before she recorded her first album. She same a bunch of demos for me, and they almost all sound better than the actual records. it's not that she's unkind, but she is white trash and redneck and ROUGH. Now the Country charts are dominated by bro country acts and the only women you see are Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert. I have heard that he has a past he would like to keep quiet about.

She was nice to me, but it was icy-nice and just in passing. Anyone who says that Chesney is "gay gay gay" is just making up shit. A friend of mine used to go to Dollywood frequently and became friends with some of Dolly Parton's siblings. At one time it seemed to me Garth Brooks was literally insane. If he ever needed money, I'm sure Tug would have helped. He's nice, a little dumb, SHORT, and has a fucking amazing body. I don't know him well enough to know his background, and if he was abused, though. I've heard rumors of his bisexuality for years, but never from anyone in Nashville. I've met him a few times, and he's always been nice, but there is something megalomaniacal about him, but that could be a result of his massive success. I've heard he's had a problem with coke, but it might have just been a rumor. There were years when nothing was happening to their career, and most others would have given up. I also lived in Nashville in the late 80s and heard rumors about her being gay. She wouldn't do or write or sing what she needed to do to have a better career; she was very stubborn. In fact, I was one of the first to hear the original demo of Redneck Woman, and I thought it was either going to be the biggest hit of the year or a huge bomb. SHe's also a lot prettier in person than in photos. I love to hear Gretchen Wilson sing" I Don't Feel Like Loving You Today"- a great song. And what about tiny Justin Moore and Brantley Gilbert.

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