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That feeling of rejection is one of the major reasons why speed dating events are so popular.Everyone attending has the same motive – meet and date a potential partner whether for fun or something more permanent.Go into speed dating with the spirit of adventure, and leave your expectations at the door. If you don’t have a successful experience, you can cross this off your list, go back to online dating or look into the many other ways you can meet people to date.

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So when you go, you get to practice making a good first impression a whole ton of times in a single evening.

You can watch women, see how they react to certain things you say, and learn a whole lot.

Probably not a lot, no matter how charming you might be.In short, speed dating is a very good way to meet a lot of other single people quickly.You might also worry that you won’t be able to tell enough about the women you meet to know if you’re interested in seeing them again when you only have a matter of minutes to talk.Get romance or first base scoring out of your mind. The bell will ring, your indication to leave and move on to the next table.In fact speed dating, lighten the experience by talking with your date about the whole experience of being paired by other people who do not have a clue about each of you. How you leave, though, speaks volumes to the lady you are leaving speed dating.If you make an abrupt exit she will think you are not interested, even if you believe she is your soul mate.

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