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And apparently, the aliens are humanoid, & Black... scientist goes to Antarctica-in a wedding gown-to marry station commmander, known only through email (bad old days pre-sexting). After 'angry kisses' & vodka-soaked nights in a shack on the Ice, she's 'defrosted' & in love. Reissued for Kindle as `Cold Feet Warm Heart.' Antarctic station manager radiates dinosaur egg found in the ice. Religious archaeologist from Israel & Jewish Eskimo from Greenland find a temple of Hashem in the ice, complete with Torah scrolls & lost races. In Antarctica soon after the Treaty expired: secret drilling for oil, various groups of people trying to live there 'off the land', eco-terrorists attacking the oil drillers, & Mc Murdo 'Big Dead Place' workers organize. Psycho environmentalist (& Edgar Cayce fan) attacks polar scientist who finds doomsday fault in W. And she 'defrosts' with a jerk who's worse than the ex who stole her thesis...

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Plus polar bears in Antarctica, use of incorrect words, & rambly godawful writing. 'in American to charm readers across the Atlantic', but many typos & reads like the English in a multi-lingual electronics manual.

UK; evil mining corp bombs fault line in CA creating earthquake, which distracts the world from their plan to do the same in Antarctica - so as to separate off the ice sheet to better access the oil in the land christian version of much of the above: suspected lost Atlantis in Antarctica is actually Babel; most station crew absorb its evil; religious icy woman scientist hastily marries expedition leader before `defrosting'; & all die except the christian believers. Klutzy girl meets hunky guy who shape-shifts into a polar bear. (There is a lot of this: romance stories with shape-shifting polar bears.

Ugh CEO funds global disruptions, culminating with a plot to break off a chunk of the East Antarctic ice shelf in Dec 2012, to raise his stock values and flood China.

Thanks to SPRI in Cambridge UK for access to their fiction stash.

My historical/literary Polar fiction list is here and my fiction film list is here. Ebook-only fiction with no ISBN not included (high disappearance rate).

Antarctic fiction list with more complete pre-1950s listings here. Missing most international arctic fiction, most Malvinas/Falklands war novels, and many short stories Under the Antarctic ice, three British travelers discover a lost civilization descended from 17th-c religious fanatics, & must fight to save themselves from being burned as heretics. Amusing cover here, showing the Doc & character Velma Crane, the 'outstanding he-woman of the day', noted for her lack of interest in men; a famous aviatrix who found gold in Antarctica. Canada's first comic book superhero, & the world's first female superhero.Based on Inuit legends, Nelvana was the daughter of the king of the northern lights & wore a miniskirt while battling Nazis.She lived among the Eskimos, could turn into dry ice, travelled at the speed of light, & could become invisible by blending in with the Aurora Borealis. Brief polar: Photosynthetic cattle in Antarctica are the new food source, grown with the help of orbiting space mirrors reflecting down sunlight.One cover here NZ: Mad scientist nukes Antarctica to release proteinous red dust which spreads around the world & kills almost everyone, in order to make money off his antidote. USA & China build spaceships to send youths & white & Chinese women impregnated by the other 'race' to Alpha Centauri. 1st in series of 5 about a galactic empire of Earth...Small group of immune survivors in NZ conclude they're the morally superior next step in evolution. Young psych grad student goes to Antarctica, falls for expedition leader who goes hot & cold before finally proposing. ice melt in order to cleanse Earth of humanity Canadian geologist studies mysterious hot spot in Ant.She declines, departs, but accepts when he returns to the US, & they head off to winter-over at South Pole. NZ: at an Antarctic base with racial tension, a powerful crystal is found, left behind by aliens who have been recording human history. Lost City of Atlantis, killer asteroids, evil US military, the moon, etc.

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