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MIAMI (CBS4) – People who are looking for the perfect match, both men and women, go online seeking a certain kind of arrangement. Support is proving to be crucial for a 20-year old sugar baby, who is in college at Florida International University.

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A self-proclaimed, cute blonde who is looking for fun in Fort Lauderdale admits to being a college student looking for some help.

And another pretty, young Miami college girl, who does not want to be identified, is more direct, asking specifically for 10 to 20-thousand dollars monthly.

The 22-year old claims to be looking for someone who will never say “NO” to her needs.

I mean everything.” In fact, her profile asks for someone to “help a young’in out”. Numbers compiled by the “seeking arrangement” website showed that in the past six months, FIU ranked 20th in a list of the top universities with “sugar baby” sign ups. I have to figure everything out on my own Jorge.” “And you discovered this?

behind New York and California with 67,815 total users, of all ages. Our FIU student argued that it’s a way to survive the times. As soon as I turned 18, they told me I am on my own. “My dreams came true Jorge.” “Your dreams came true,” he repeated.

“Sex,” said the FIU “sugar baby.” “Just like that,” asked Jorge.

“Why is this not like prostitution, since you mentioned it? “We do not allow escorts or prostitutes to use the website. We put that question on the table for our “sugar baby.” “What do you say to people who say this is a form of prostitution?

Estevez spoke with the website’s founder, Brandon Lee. “To make sure that terms such as hourly rate, in call, out call and terms like that aren’t used, we highlight them and catch them. “Prostitution is when you get paid for sex and that is just it. For this, you build a relationship with someone.” It’s a relationship that begins online, a common practice nowadays, where one person logs on hoping to find another who is also in search of that perfect match.

But seeking arrangement, which began in 2006, insists they are not an escort service and specifies the terms of the relationship are left up to the two consenting users. They claim they shut down as many as 20-a day for alluding to inappropriate behavior.

Seeking Arrangement is developing a mobile app for your smart phone and the website is going global with a Spanish language version and other languages.

A match, found online, between two consenting adults looking for their own special arrangement. Well, most dating websites have more men than women. The ratio is 20 sugar babies to every one sugar daddy.

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