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Rules on tailgating may need to be dispensed with entirely to enable driverless cars to improve fuel efficiency.

The Telegraph understands that an official review into driverless cars, due to be published on Wednesday, will say that the Highway Code may need to be reviewed.

Graham Parkhurst, head of an academic research programme in Bristol and part of one of four official pilot programmes, said: "If everyone obeyed exactly what it said in the Highways Code, the roads would probably grind to a halt.

If we ask driverless vehicles to respect every aspect of the Highway Code we will quickly discover that some things would be unworkable.

"Currently, people use experience, these things are negotiated.

It may require us to look again at some of the recommendations.

"Another problem is in shared spaces where cars move slowly and allow pedestrians to thread their way through.

The motorist imposes a little bit of presence in order to keep moving, there will be eye contact." The report is expected to say that the introduction of driverless cars would cut the cost of insurance as human error would be eliminated.

Mistakes by drivers account for nine in 10 road accidents, with premiums for 17 and 18-year-olds costing almost £2,000.

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