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MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Philippine police have arrested eight suspected members of an online syndicate accused of blackmailing more than 1,000 Hong Kong and Singapore residents after luring them into exposing themselves in front of webcam, an official said Friday.

The raid on the syndicate's locations in northern Bulacan province on Thursday was a follow-up to an operation backed by Interpol in April in which 58 Filipinos were arrested, and another 100 linked to the extortion in a subsequent investigation in May.

The victims came from all over the world, including a Scottish teenager who committed suicide after being blackmailed.

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The gang has victimized around 700 Hong Kong residents and nearly the same number of Singaporeans in a span of two years, he added.

The latest police operation was conducted in cooperation with Interpol based in Hong Kong and Singapore. Investigators found out that the woman's daughter owns two money transfer branches in Bulacan where the victims were asked to deposit their payment, Sosa said.

The suspects are facing charges of robbery with extortion and violation of the anti-human trafficking law.

The crackdown in the Philippines was partly sparked by information that a 17-year-old mechanic in Scotland, Daniel Perry, took his own life in July last year after being victimized by a Filipino extortion group.

The BBC has reported that he killed himself after being warned that his video conversations would be circulated to his friends and family if he didn't pay.

“After initially resisting the overtures of a woman who had found me on Facebook, I caved to her temptation to engage in cybersex,” Kintner said.

“Worst case is, I know how to use Skype, she takes her clothes off, I'll just back off and leave, no harm, no foul.

It wasn't that easy.”Kinter is now being called to resign by Gov.

Pete Ricketts, other legislators and his constituents.“I think if the governor sees fit to ask for that, it's probably appropriate,” voter Andrew Kohlan said.

“We can't have our public officials being fraternity boys.”Kintner said on Friday the incident happened about a year ago.

He reported the encounter to the Nebraska State Patrol after the woman tried to blackmail him.“We will destroy your marriage, and your career, and they asked for ,500,” is how Kintner described the threats. Kintner said he’s prayed about it, and said he won’t be resigning.

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