Single cyclist dating

If you’re truly looking to meet that special someone, you’ve got to open up a little bit more. You’ve got less than 10 seconds to impress, so make sure you’ve covered all of your bases.

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People want to know what they’re getting themselves into. STEP 5: CLOSE THE DEAL Once your profile pics are ready and your profile text is good-to-go, make sure you close the deal with an enticing call-to-action.

And if you’ve posted 3 pics of yourself biking, there’s really no need to write it out in your written profile. Your probably wondering what a call-to-action is, but trust us, you know exactly what they are.

A call-to-action is simply a marketing trick where advertisers use a nice little phrase to wrap everything up and lead the audience into taking action. ”, are both great examples of good calls-to-action. If you’re into cycling and use Tinder to date, let us know what tricks you use to get that right swipe effect going on your profile.

So you read up on why you should date a cyclist and now you’re wondering how you can up your game on the Tinder dating scene as a cyclist?

Well, look no further, your questions will be answered right here! Sure it’s easy to pull out your phone and snap a selfie of yourself while you’re in your bedroom (or worse, the bathroom! Cell phone pictures can be grainy or distorted and you don’t want that.

As spring settles in and summer approaches, we all know that you single cyclists are looking for an equally awesome partner in crime to hit the road spinning. Oh, and please don’t use a million filters, either (especially that ”airbrushed” filter); always keep it real! I’m sure you all have at least one friend with a camera.

Everything from getting that perfect profile shot, to creating a right swipe-worthy call-to-action, will be discussed in detail. Presenting a false persona will only get you into trouble. STEP 2: CHOOSE A PERFECT PROFILE PIC What’s a perfect profile pic? Remember, Tinder is ultimately based on a less than 10-second first impression. If you want to stand out (in a good way), you’ve got to have the perfect profile pic.

Follow these expert tips and you’ll be getting in on the Tinder action. Now we know it’s tempting to post one of those exciting adrenaline junkie-looking pictures that you found via Google Images because you think it embodies your vibe and will entice your prospects into swiping right, but don’t! What do you think the person will say when he or she finds out that the picture you posted of some person mountain biking off a cliff ledge, isn’t really you! Especially if this person happens to be a ”REAL” mountain bike junkie! Think about the lighting, what you’re wearing, your body language, the background, and the image you’re trying to project.

Better yet, what do you think will happen once they find out that you’ve only been mountain biking once or twice?! That means, if you’re looking for a partner in crime to go riding, you might want to post a pic of yourself in action on your bike. Plus, you’re letting others know what you’re really passionate about. If you volunteer or enjoy travelling, snap a pic of yourself in action.

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