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-We definitely needed a break from Marnie after last week’s episode, so we’re glad she was nowhere to be seen this week. I ordered filet mignon, then cried when it came, because, oh my god, that animal has feelings. -Jessa and Adam go to Coney Island, and awww, how cute.

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What’s he going to do, make doe eyes at the burglar? If we had to deal with 12 year olds all day, we would want to leave as often as we can. _____________ -Guys like Dill Harcourt — guys with their own driver and budgets for sending tricks martinis at a bar — don’t flirt with the bearded hipster in an Urban Outfitters hoodie. And they find them on Grindr and fuck them for free.

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Fran’s psycho roommate forces him to move in with Hannah probably too soon.

Ray confronted the new coffeeshop across the street over their refusal to give their customers lids, but ends up embarrassing himself.

Fran probably doesn’t want anything except for like an easy to maintain haircut and probably a pair of Toms.

Hannah’s dad is in town to bareback some stranger he meets on the Internet, but he makes the rookie mistake to leave his wallet behind.

He calls Hannah in a panic to retrieve his lost wallet.

When she learns her dad didn’t use protection, she freaks and calls Elijah.

Of course, Elijah isn’t excited to get involved in all that noob drama, so he ditches them for a nearby bar where he’s hit on by a handsome local newscaster (played by the great Corey Stoll).

-Gay 101: Always check for wallet, keys phone before leaving a hookup, and never date on unless you’re looking for a suburban Dad or you have a time machine. Weird that while he was crying he was looking at a picture of Clementine. I’m ok with that because I’m a feminist and also because it’s a bad picture of her.

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