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One night in early March, I decided to delete my apps and dating accounts.

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Homophobia inspired gay men and women to interact safely online, as the real world was oftentimes a harsh place for LGBT folks.

In 2015, gay-related apps are a way to get exactly what we want; oftentimes, as soon as possible.

Apps, social media, and online dating are supposed to add to our lives.

I had a busy day at work, followed by a run and some errands around the city.

I felt accomplished, but once I was settled at my Brooklyn apartment, I was horny and bored; ultimately, it made me feel a bit lonely. I grabbed a political magazine from my bag and made my way to the park across the street.

Months earlier, I would have instantly logged on to Ok Cupid or Grindr or Tinder, depending on what I was looking for on that particular night.Witty conversation and sexy chatting would push the boredom from my mind until I realized my phone was almost dead and I had to be up for work in six hours.“I’ll write that short story another night,” I’d say to myself as I drifted into sleep.Although I’m a writer who works full-time in social media, I’ve learned that our obsession with technology, online dating, and the digital world is slowly crafting mindless, dull Americans who can’t interact like authentic humans.Yes, that’s a little harsh, but I’ll just blame the aggression on my online-dating withdrawal.One can always make an excuse for their behavior, right?

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