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A third says his mood is "dirty." All three purport to be Ohio teachers with profiles on My Space.

"While this advice might seem extreme, the dangers of participating in these two sites outweigh the benefits," the union memo said.

"Because of the high standards placed on school employees and the risk of job and career loss, the OEA recommends avoiding even the appearance of impropriety." The consequences of inappropriate Web postings could be serious for teachers, who might lose their licenses or face other punishment, according to the director of the state office that handles educator discipline.

An uncounted number of Ohio teachers have online profiles.

Some share tame information about their own children, their favorite book passages and their favorite music. Consider three profiles, found easily by searching My Space for the words "Ohio" and "teacher:" • A 25-year-old teacher from northeastern Ohio says she's "an aggressive freak in bed," "sexy" and "an outstanding kisser." • A 31-year-old teacher from a private school in Franklin County offers that, during the past month, she has been married, gotten drunk, smoked cigarettes, taken drugs and gone skinny-dipping.

• A 35-year-old Cleveland middle-school math teacher with a dirty mood had students as My Space friends. Hugz." While it's possible that some profiles could be the work of malicious pranksters, the three examples appear legitimate, with all types of personal and professional information, including full resumes.One who visited left this message: "I just thought I would stop by and show my greatest teacher in the world some love. If those three postings are from teachers, they're inappropriate, said James I.Miller, the new director of the Office of Professional Conduct in the Ohio Department of Education.Even worse, he said, "It does sound like something that could be conduct unbecoming." That's the broadly defined violation of educator behavior that can result in license revocations, suspensions and written reprimands.Teachers need to review what they're sharing online, Miller said. But I'd make sure it's appropriate for my students to look at." The union made a more blunt recommendation about the Web profiles: Get rid of them."The fact that a student can attempt to contact an OEA member who has a profile on these sites lends itself to the possible interpretation of an improper relationship," a union flier told teachers.

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