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Rarely will an American woman not block you at this point. You'll never realize your error if no one is willing to patiently teach you. Over time I see their English improve, their mind open and their intelligence about culture expand. So is every American woman who you think is worthless enough to engage in casual sex with you.

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White women can have abortions." Do I even need to explain how wrong this is?

It takes every ounce of love I can muster up to help these naive guys realize the errors in their thinking.

Guys, they block you because your countrymen have made it known that they think a white girl in jeans and a T-shirt will have "the sex" with anyone. It sucks to be on our end, the end that is treated like a worthless person, too.

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If any of you care to look at my social media pages, you'll notice it's primarily Indian guys.

Please continue to remind yourself of one thing while reading; not everyone falls into the behaviour I'm going to address below. Here are some classic questions and comments from Indian guys: Q: What are you wearing?

(I don't condone this, but sometimes it's all they understand.) Unlike western guys, Indian guys immediately ask very personal questions.

Let me give a sincere thank you to all the Indian men who have protected me, defended me and literally kicked the ass of guys harassing me.

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