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They even hiked Mt Lincoln, their first fourteener!

We loved the updates via text messages w/ pictures. Sarah Porter Graham ; Frisco CO We wanted to thank you for giving Chatty a happy birthday in the mountains.

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The phrase you used "He totally staked out his favorite dog bed and has been sleeping with occasional moments of totally cuddly sweetness" warmed our hearts and gave us confidence that he was happy with you, as you were seeing him how he normally is.

"totally cuddly sweetness" is his new nickname :) Thank you for the detailed report on him when you returned him and for trying his boots out - stomping in all the puddles sounds just like him - he looks clean but actually loves mud.

And thank you for your flexibility and the convenience of your last minute drop off for getting him back.

I’ve been captivated by natural forms since childhood.

Paralleling the personal philosophy of Rembrandt who “loved what he painted and only painted what he loved,” a portrait painter has a duty to reveal the character of his subject – his mood, inner drama, and mystery - not merely copy a likeness.

Applying similar principles to my painting practice I use light as my muse and work with glazing mediums applying upwards of twenty translucent layers to mold the forms and capture my subject’s spirit.We used Mtn Pals to watch our black lab Raven for three weeks while we were out of the country. Almost every day Rebecca posted new pictures of Raven having a blast running, swimming and fetching away the days.We are from Breckenridge but live in Denver now and we went out of our way to use Rebecca because she is unique in her approach and in the fun things the dogs get to go do each day.We recommend Mtn to everyone we know and we will use Mtn Pals again any time we need a good sitter for our dog.Spencer Herford ; Denver CO Moose and Klaus came home super happy and tired from a long weekend at Mountain Pals.I knew they loved hanging with Rebecca when Moose ran back to be with her when it was time to go home.

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