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Three years later and they’re offering their own take on slanted lo-fi with a “slacker-rock” vibe, as heard on their first singles and the , in late September of 2015 and it had the kids at Stereogum going nuts for their first single, “You’ve Been Pre-Approved.” Taking equal cues from the Flying Nun school of arty guitar pop, classic British post-punk and otherwise VELVETS-indebted rock, the band mixes eras and styles with ease, resulting in a tightly focused but coolly off-the-cuff sound that appeals to rock nerds of all stripes and sizes.

Coming on before their pals is a Bottle first - Melbourn, Australia's CHOOK RACE.

Forming in 2010, this trio started out as a scrappy garage surf band, but soon developed a greater pop sensibility, born of their love of the Flying Nun bands and other bedroom favourites.

After a string of of tapes and 7’s they self released the debut LP ‘About Time’ in 2015.

They now now return with new LP , which is due for release in September through Trouble in Mind and Tenth Court.

Speaking of Trouble In Mind, local trio THE HECKS just released their confoundingly good, self-titled debut LP on the local label and celebrated it with a packed release show.

For close to half a decade, the all-male rock ensemble has been reviving short-form songs with heterophonic jabs from thier busted, misstrung guitar collection.

Their enduring interest is in the manipulation of form-based musical tropes, which yields succinct but engaging bursts of sculpted pentatonic structure, sleek and textured instrumental passages, or atonal rhythmic nonsense.

In simpler terms, their songs are really fucking good and you don't want to miss em live.

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