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1979, Khrystynivka, Cherkasy region, Ukraine) lives in Kremenchuk, Ukraine, and has been a prolific type designer since 2008. Dan Solo's typefaces listed in decreasing order of popularity. In addition, Chankstore offered these free fonts by David Buck: Lowery Auto (2001), Space Toaster, and Polar Bear (2001). She writes: Gheresque is a modern, uppercase display font inspired by the magnificent work of Frank Gehry.

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The Solotype Catalog is a file with information on Dan Solo's typefaces, annotated with remarks about name equivalences and digitizations. It was cut and cast in metal in 1968 in 8 and 10 point sizes in plain, italic and semi-bold designs.

The original file was due to Thibaudeau, but typophiles on alt.binaries.fonts have added to it in 2010. In 2003 Josef Týfa and Frantisek Storm began to work on its digital version.

[ From Wellington, New Zealand, David Buck's creations at Sparky Type: Blankey (2002, Open Type, free), Kiwi (2001), Goose, Billy (1998), Charmy (2001), Panhandler (2004, hand-inked look), Pants, Munch Corn, Tarnation (2000, with Craig Duffney), Yakitty, Paste, Sheriff, Rubic (2001), Chicken (2000), Chicken Bonus (2000). Some fonts are sold at Chankstore: Cuba3D, Thri (2001, three-lined glyphs), Rubble, Timberlake, Stacker (2002), Chicken, Mc Kracken (2001), Munter. [ Graphic designer in Sydney, who designed the paperclip typeface Gheresque (2012).

[ During her studies at Nottingham Tent University in the UK, Steph Marlow designed Beton Brut (2016), a semi-square rounded architectural sans serif typeface inspired by the Barbican centre in London.

The new name Academica distinguishes the digital execution (and modifications) from the original Academia.

Anselm Sans and Serif (2007): 20 styles about which Storm writes The ancestry of Anselm goes back to Jannon, a slightly modified Old Style Roman.I drew Serapion back in 1997, so its spirit is youthful, a bit frisky, and it is charmed by romantic, playful details. Baskerville Original Pro (2010) comprising Baskerville 10 Pro, Baskerville 10 Cyr, JBaskerville, and JBaskerville Text. Regula is named after the secular monastic order Regula Pragensis.Anselm succeeds it after ten years of evolution, it is a sober, reliable laborer, immune to all eccentricities. This is an important and thoroughly studied execution starting from photographs of prints from Baskerville's printing office, ca. Gallus Konzept (2007, in many weights): Carolingian-Roman-Gaelic-Uncial script, or an exploration into how the Latin alphabet could look were the evolution of the Carolingian Minuscule to stop in the 8th century AD in Sankt Gallen. Storm and Marek Pistora after a huge sans design from 1973 by Jiri Rathousky, which was commissioned by the Transport Company of the Capital City of Prague in 1970 to be used in the information system of the Prague Metro. Storm: The text designs are discontinued since they were replaced by the related Amor Serif family (along with its -sans version). Initially, the digitized font (regular old Face, which is now free) had jagged edges and a rather narrow range of applications until the summer of 2009, when Storm added text cuts.In 1986, the metro started using Helvetica): this typeface is eminently readable! Regula was a baroque alphabet faithfully taken over from a historical model including its inaccuracies and uneven letter edges.Sebastian (2003, a sans with a funky italic), about which he writes: Sans-serif typefaces compensate for their basic handicap---an absence of serifs---with a softening modulation typical of roman typefaces. Beside beautifully modeled details, they possess aspect-ratios of parts within characters that timelessly and beauteously parallel the anatomy of the human body.Grotesques often inherit a hypertrophy of the x-height, which is very efficient, but not very beautiful. Proportions of thighs, arms or legs have their universal rules, but cannot be measured by pixels and millimeters.

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