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The hospital is approached by a local TV station that wants to air a series of one-minute medical information segments in their local news program, once per week. Victor Erlich (Ed Begley Jr.) is chosen for the job, and everyone wonders what he will choose for the topic of his first segment, but it's a secret right up to the minute of the live broadcast.

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He comments that some people believe that having a boy's penis look like his fathers' helps promote male bonding between them, or words to that effect. Merrick, even if your son isn't circumcised, he will still look like you.

He wraps up his speech by saying if you choose not to have your baby boy circumcised you should pay extra attention to cleanliness so he doesn't get a "teeny weenie infection." The stunned newscasters take a moment to collect their composure and then go on with the broadcast. 'Course, he'll have to put on a couple hundred pounds.

The people back at the hospital think only a buffoon like Victor Erlich would choose such a distasteful subject for television at an hour when people are eating dinner.

The TV station decides to cancel any future segments. I mean, I've always wondered what the kid would say if it were up to him.

Victor doesn't understand why, commenting that he thinks he did a really good job. Dorian (voice over): Don't get me wrong, Carla loves her patients.

The contrast between the UK and US versions is striking: the UK doctor asks a father why his baby son was circumcised, the US doctor tells parents why they should be. that one in that picture is clearly circumcised, and not a huge proportion of men are. Mother: Actually, we wanted to know how you felt about it, Carla.

All the focus is on the taste of talking about it at mealtime, none on the baby's feelings or rights. So, if we got James to give us a picture, we could tell at a glance if it was a match. Dorian: Well, you're a little old, ah, but I do have a roommate who's a surgeon, he owes me a favor, I could - Nurse Carla: They're talking about their son, Bambi.

Detective Chief Inspector Gill Murray (Amelia Bullmore): Other than that, all we have by way of a photograph is - [hangs up picture] the bloke she was with on the night she was killed, sent her a selfie of his meat and two veg. Detective Constable Rachel Bailey (Suranne Jones): ... DCI Gill Murray: ...unless there's something very distinctive about it, one's very much like another I'm afraid. Marrick (Don Tiffany and Stacy Barnhisel) ask her opinion on having their newborn son circumcised.

It's a bit like an ear impression, they're not that unique. Even though doctors and nurses aren't supposed to offer their own opinions, or give more than a general answer about anything, Carla advocates for not doing the procedure. Kelso, he tries to convince the parents that they should have it done.

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