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Not to be read by anyone under 18, unless you’re a hot chick. Denver, CO (not really, but you can still drop by and see who lives there if you want) The following is completely fictional.

Feedback, comments, praise, criticism, death threats, nude photos, etc.

can be sent to voodoojoe2000 at yahoo dot com (if you can’t assemble my e-mail out of that, then may God help you because I’m sure not going to). Feel free to distribute to friends, enemies, lovers, hopeful lovers, whatever, just keep my name and e-mail address on the story or I shall hunt you down and make you write the whole damn thing out by hand. In chapter two, Floyd, broken up over Amber running out on him, sought solace from his roommate, Joe.

When that didn’t work, he turned to Michelle Trachtenberg and a few of her friends instead.

All that did was make him feel a little guilty and he took it out on longtime friend, Kelly Clarkson.

When last seen, he was walking out of Kelly’s hotel room with her passed out on the bed and sure to be sore in a couple places after what Floyd did to her.

Celebs in this story are Marla Sokoloff, Rachel Perry, Amy Acker, Kristanna Loken, Olivia Wilde, and Tara Ried. Go fuck yourself and go read something else if you dislike those codes or want something more. “Don’t need reason, don’t need rhyme, ain’t nothing I would rather do.Going down, party time, my friends are gonna be there too.I’m on the highway to hell.” – AC/DC ‘Highway To Hell’ The College Life Chapter Three: Highway To Hell by voodoojoe “Nice haircut,” Joe said when Floyd walked in sporting a new short cropped hairdo.“Remind me not to take you with me looking for drugs next time I go.Everyone will think you’re a cop and won’t sell me anything stronger than a bottle of aspirin.” “Then that’s another good reason for the haircut,” Floyd shot back.He had gotten the haircut mainly because it was time for a change.

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