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The Summer Holidays are around the corner and with them, our programme packed with lots and lots of playful activities for all: lots happening at out Playgrounds, lots of Play Days and Play Ranger sessions across Torbay, a fabulous Torre Abbey Mystery Quest... As discussed I am writing to tell you about a unique, empowering, creative, fun and free opportunity for 16-25 year olds with the youth Organisation Fixers (

Please note that people outside of this age range can take part in the project, we just need to make sure we have some 16-25 year olds leading the project (we can also sign people up if they are soon to turn 16).

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About Fixers Funded by the Big Lottery we support and help young people who want to make positive changes in their local and wider community, young people who are motivated by a desire to act on an issue that is important to them or a strong desire to help other people.

We have a large staff team based all over the UK, who can offer support and mentoring to the young people we work with and help them realise, set up and see through a project taking our lead from the young people and their ideas.

We are a media based organisation and each project is assigned a highly skilled creative producer who can work with the project to create poster campaigns, short films, music videos, leaflets and booklets as part of the project’s campaign.

There is no application process to set up a project with us, we just ask that the project will benefit at least one other person positively and we fund all of the expenses associated with the project so no one is out of pocket if they do a project with us.

So far we have worked with over 7000 young people on over 800 projects in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Some of the young people we work with have gone on to expand their campaigns, set up charities, win awards or become a spokesperson for their campaign and the causes surrounding it.

We have worked on projects covering a huge range of topics affecting young people including depression, homelessness, self-esteem, public transport costs, raising awareness of dyspraxia, understanding tourettes, gang culture, epilepsy, sex trafficking, racist bullying, dancing to keep fit, stereotyping, homophobia, highlighting young carers, engaging young people in politics, spotting domestic abuse, tackling food poverty, making sport accessible, clean beaches for surfers, promoting parkour, encouraging permaculture, cooking on a budget (to name a few!

) All of our projects are up on our website and there is no limit to participants on a project – the more the better.

From a personal and professional development point of view, starting up a Fixers project can look great on a CV and can be a good opportunity to try something new and gain confidence and skills in new areas - many of our Fixers go on to expand their projects!

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