Sean avery dating andy cohen A chat with mom role play

15+ pictures inside of Andy Cohen shirtless at the pool…Andy Cohen is setting the record straight about the rumors he's gay-sexin' with his friend, NHL star Sean Avery ...telling TMZ it just ain't happening, but he wishes it was.

But Cohen blew off the allegations -- explaining, "Sean Avery is STRAIGHT. So a gay guy and a straight guy should be able to be friends."He continued, "Listen, I'd be happy if Sean and I were bangin' ...

A gossip website called Fame Driven started the rumor earlier this week: “I’m not sure if you are aware or not but Andy Cohen has been dating former NHL star Sean Avery for almost a year and a half now, it will be two years in March. There have been rumors for years in the NHL league about Sean Avery’s sexuality, but he has always vehemently denied it, Sean even went as far as to “date” a beard girlfriend ( RELATED: Andy Cohen’s Bromance With John Mayer Now that we got all the fiction out of the way — let’s deal with the facts.

RELATED: Andy Cohen & Anderson Cooper: New Gay Couple Of The Century Sean Avery is NOT gay. Avery was the first NHL player to speak out in favor of marriage equality in New York and was the catalyst for campaigns like “You Can Play.” He also was on the board of Athlete Ally, “a group of straight athletes devoted to eradicating homophobia in sports.” Andy is openly gay and single.

Andy Cohen is engaged to his friend, former NHL star Sean Avery—or so say gossipmongers who lit up the Internet last week with rumors the pair are the more than just pals. In our latest episode of @sk Andy, his assistant Daryn Carp asks him directly.

"Sean Avery is straight," he says, before Daryn clarifies, "…as in not into men." So there you have it. When Daryn asks why he favors his latest fashion choice of going sock-less, he quips, "You should ask my fiancé Sean Avery." Andy also reveals why he chose to change his twitter handle to @Andy—and why he's such a stickler for proper grammar.

Andy Cohen was finally confronted about his “engagement” to former hockey stud and LGBT ally Sean Avery this week. “So a gay guy and a straight guy should be able to be friends.” Then, as if to confirm the reason why TMZ photographers think gay men and straight men cannot just be friends, Cohen added “Listen, I’d be happy if Sean and I were banging’ …The pair’s bromance sparked rumors on a website designed by the ghost of Geocities earlier this month because, you know, gay men and straight men can’t just be friends. but it’s not [happening].” Maybe now that Sean finally knows how his man pal feels, it will!According to flimsy reports, an Instagram photo of the two men at the beach confirmed their “secret engagement.” Last night, a TMZ cameraman caught Cohen on the streets of New York and congratulated him on the recent “engagement.” The Bravo brainchild was not having it. talk show host was joined by retired hockey player Sean Avery on his trip down south for the Ultra Music Festival.PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Andy Cohen “Celebrating our one year anniversary at #Ultra @imseanavery #Getaway Date,” Andy tweeted the day before along with a picture of the pair at the pool.Just so you know, they’re celebrating their bromance!

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