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They are Axis M1011 webcams, serving an .h264 encoded stream. Email: [email protected] 1 looks towards the south of St Giles, a street in central Oxford.

The Victorian gothic Randolph Hotel is directly in front.

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The monument was completed in 1843 after two years’ work, having replaced “a picturesque but tottering old house”.

As well as being a monument to the Reformation, the memorial is also a landmark of the 19th century Oxford Movement, propagated by John Keble, John Henry Newman and others.

Profoundly alarmed at the Catholic realignment the movement was bringing into the Church of England, the Rev. Tolkien), who met in the ‘Rabbit Room’ at the back of the pub.

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These webcams are located in the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), University of Oxford, Oxford OX1 3JS, UK (find on Google Maps).

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