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The company claims to be the “largest curated network of entrepreneurs and advisors for startups.” It has raised .2 million to date from from Soft Tech VC, Crosslink Capital, 500 Startups, and Steve Blank. In February, 2014, Founder Dating launched a matchmaking service to connect entrepreneurs with advisers.

A popular website that helps entrepreneurs find co-founders and advisers just inked a deal of its own.

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The acquisition will create one of the largest networks of entrepreneurs and advisers, says Onevest co-founder and executive chairman Alejandro Cremades.

“We’re popping champagne bottles right now,” he adds.

Cremades and fellow co-founder Tanya Prive certainly have a few reasons to celebrate: Onevest absorbed its top competitor and nearly tripled its user base to a total of 250,000 of founders in its network.

Founder Dating, which is a sort of “Linked In for entrepreneurs” (not a dating site for well-heeled founders), is adding a new question-and-answer site for its members that it’s calling Founder Dating Discuss.

The company has been beta-testing the service for awhile.

Founder Jessica Alter said that members have already created thousands of question-answer threads, with a 95 percent response rate and most questions receiving “three-to-four quality answers in hours.” “Founder Dating Discuss initially came both from community members telling us they wanted a way to interact 1-to-many, not just through 1-to-1 messaging, and [from] observations that there wasn’t really a non-anonymous community for entrepreneurs to pose questions or discussions to both get answers and have discussions in a trusted way,” Alter told Venture Beat.

She added that the question-and-answer site Quora, while useful, is less conducive to back-and-forth discussions that these members craved.

Discussions on the site are open to all Founder Dating users, but they are moderated — anything that smacks of self-promotion or job offers won’t pass muster.

“I’d describe FD: Discuss as if Quora and Reddit had an entrepreneurial baby.

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