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's Seacrest was her first crush, and years later, the duo is still going strong. But if I lost everything tomorrow -- and had no money -- I would somehow make it work.

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The couple have tried keeping their relationship details underwraps, but now Hough is confessing what it is like to date the hardest working guy in showbiz: One thing Hough doesn’t have to worry about anymore is whether or not she gets the stamp of approval from Seacrest’s long-time friend, Ellen Degeneres.

Ellen gave Hough her blessing of the two dating and saying it’s the perfect balance he needs in his life: I’m so happy that he’s with you now…I think he is a great guy and he works too hard…I always said that you’re not balancing your life enough, you really have to have love in your life to be whole.

You can’t just work and be successful, so I’m glad he has love in his life.

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