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On i might Upload Videos: Most of my upload videos are all exclusively related to me (my personal videos and narrating of a songs) and to my idol the Megastar Sharon Cuneta including some of her (Tv Shows, Tv Guesting Appearances, Songs and Movies with some of her leading Men's).

Cheers on your birthday, and to many, many, many more to come!

May today be but the start of the very best years of a life wonderful and blessed," Torres said. In CFC ANCOP, we make sure the child gets #3, until a child finishes and gets into the workforce. Because CFC ANCOP believes that education will not only create an impact on the child, but will change the life of his or her family.

For his part, Gomez added: "Happy birthday my lovely Juliana! Join the ANCOP Global Walk 2013, and help CFC ANCOP make this a reality!

Lucy Torres-Gomez was cast in the television series ' Richard Loves Lucy' with husband Richard Gomez, Gloria Romero, and Jolina Magdangal. Read Less Torres' husband, Richard Gomez, was disqualified by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) because of his failure to sufficiently establish residency in Ormoc City.

Torres is also presently a Bench endorser, and one of the celebrity designers for Kashieca.

Torres-Gomez was also in danger of being disqualified because of her husband’s previous case with the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

Read Less The proposed amendment revises the provisions rendering a time for breastfeeding babies during work hours.

Breastfeeding mothers would no longer be paid for time spent breastfeeding as they are under the current Milk Code, provided the breaks do not exceed 40 minutes during an eight-hour work period.

Richard Gomez assures his wife Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez knows he's a good boy and does not play around other women. Torres posted a photo with Juliana in her Instagram account, with a heartwarming caption.

S: I might do another youtube account so that i can upload all of your personal request kyou..:)Facebook: Nhi Nguyenjony GOOGLE+ LPDn OM SUBSCRIBE: i Rd3xp Celebrity couple Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres took to Instagram on Wednesday to greet their daughter Juliana, who celebrated her 16th birthday.

Some of her nice movies cannot be uploaded on Youtube because of copyright infrigiment and video blockedworldwide (there are some portions of the following movies that are owned by abscbn) youtube notices me after i uploaded it, that's why i immediately removed it becaused i don't want my account to be ban in youtube the followings are the movies of MEGASTAR that cannot be upload and post in youtube: Megamol Movie Buy One, Take One P.

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