Respectable reliable dating marriage

But you probably do not even guess how ancient this kind of a dating is.

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It turns out that the European marriage announcement is more than 315 years old.

For the first time the ad was published in 1695 by the London publishing house How to improve the economy and trade by John Gauton.

Approximately a half a century marriage announcements were exclusively English affair.

But very soon in tabloids appeared their “competitors" - some dating agencies have begun to publish their page, besides, which at first was a manuscript.

In other European countries this became in fashion in half a century.

And Germans were the first who adopted English marriage announcements practices.How do they different from the ads, which can be read nowadays in the press and on the Internet?For example, during that time for women, it was not necessary to write about their weight and height.But it was very important to describe the appearance in details: beautiful eyes, delicate features and overall refinement.Primarily there were represented men: merchants, cavalrymen, manufacturers, merchants, landowners, engineers, doctors, operatic baritones, and even with a "simple title." Often they mentioned: I do not drink, I do not smoke, but only in men's ads.Also sometimes they wrote: “I am not a gambler." And the prerequisite was the ability to dance and play musical instruments.

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