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The following code example demonstrates how to set the collection, inferring the parameters from the Bound Field objects, and calls the Update method when the Update link on the editable Grid View is selected.This example also includes some post-processing: after a record is updated, a notification e-mail message is sent.event to perform additional initialization operations that are specific to your application, to validate the values of parameters, or to change the parameter values before the Sql Data Source control performs the update operation.

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Therefore, you cannot directly cancel the Update database operation by calling the Cancel method on the Db Command object that is exposed by the Sql Data Source Command Event Args object.

You can, however, cancel the database operation by setting the The following code example demonstrates how to display data that is retrieved from a Microsoft SQL Server database in a Drop Down List control and update the record using a Text Box control.

The example shows how you can use a Db Transaction object to add transaction context when using the Sql Data Source control to update data.

represents an SQL query or the name of a stored procedure, and is used by the Update method.

Because different database products use different varieties of SQL, the syntax of the SQL string depends on the current ADO. Sql Client, which is the default provider for the Sql Data Source class, the placeholder of the parameter is property is not stored is view state.

NET provider being used, which is identified by the property. Because it is possible to decode the contents of view state on the client, storing sensitive information about the database structure in view state could result in an information disclosure vulnerability.

If the SQL string is a parameterized query or command, the placeholder of the parameter also depends on the ADO. Values are inserted into parameters without validation, which is a potential security threat.

Use the Filtering event to validate parameter values before executing the query.

For more information, see Script Exploits Overview.

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