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and have a few beers after work and as I was sitting there a woman sat down next to me and ordered a double shot of Jack witch got my attention quick.I watched pour it down her throat with no problem and while I was staring she caught me and explained she just got done signing...

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One time the repair guy was almost in the door when I started...

Before I was married, about 20 years ago I dated this girl that had a bit of a reputation.

She was a flirt, a tease and a bit of an exhibitionist.

She was gorgeous but did have had a reputation of being a **** so I knew I would be having some good sex. After my wife got her new b'oobs and the healing period was basically over, we had to go clothes shopping for just about everything. I don't mind because I absolutely love going clothes shopping for my wife...it's foreplay for me...

before I got married, at a club with friends and the girl I was with had had a few so I talked into slipping under the table for a little mouth action.

Telling her its okay nobodys looking when everyone could see the top of her head bouncing up and down over the top of the table... My friend and went fishing one day it was a hot day and I wore a pair of short and a t top your could see my bra threw it.We went to a lake insted of a stream we thought we might have good luck.Well after a few beers and some sun I had to go pee and there was...First, let me start by apologizing if this isn’t perfectly on topic.It’s difficult to figure out which group is best for posting some of these experiences …When I was much younger, my job required that I travel to work at a business associate’s site for several days... I did have fun with a few guys out on their backyard lawn once, but that's it so far.

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