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Make sure the program you choose fulfills your needs and requirements.

You should start your conversation on the omegle site only after activation of the screen capture program.

Safety measures One must adopt safety measures while recording the video sessions with the help of the screen capture program.

The above program will record all the video and text chat while you are having a conversation.

Have you ever experienced video chatting on one of the popular sites omegle?

There are many unique features that you can experience while having a video chat with one of your friend.

One of them is recording of conversation between you and the other party.Below are discussed some of the steps to record the text and video conversation on the above site using a screen capturing program.List of Screen capturing program The first important step is to find a screen capturing program in order to record the conversations on the above video chatting site.There various reputed sites on the net that provide the above features.Before choosing a specific program, it’s important for you to determine the type of video file that it creates.Choosing a program The next vital step is to choose a specific program from the above list.

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