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Online dating is about more than simply meeting someone — it's about marketing yourself.Without a clear, honest profile, you might be looking forever.In honor of Valentine’s Day and its impending dating anxiety, we asked experts for their top tips to help you succeed online — if not this week, at least soon. "One client started off her profile by talking all about her job …

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There are tools to help you, ranging from questionnaires to full-on profile-writing services.

At the very least, ask a friend of the gender and sexual orientation you’re attracted to for feedback. “If you just sent one email to one person, the reply might not come for a zillion reasons that have nothing to do with you,” Davis said.

And according to Sam Yagan, co-founder of Ok Cupid and now CEO of, numbers matter. you’re expecting failure and precipitating failure,” said dating coach Evan Marc Katz.

“Even random dates help your chances a lot,” said Yagan. Sorry, you don't look 10 years younger than you are, so don't fib about your age. And while few sites ask users to include their weight, optical-illusion photos won't serve you in the long run. If you’re a bookish urbanite, don’t post a bunch of pictures from your one whitewater-rafting trip.

“You want your potential match to fall in love with the real you, not the fabricated you,” said Maria Seredina, founder of the e Amore conference for the online dating industry.

You are being judged more harshly on your online image than you would be in person. Katz met his wife offline, where there are not pre-set filters.

Davis advises her clients to wear a color that will stand out when people are scanning profiles. "I never would have met my wife online." Because of her age, religion, and even where she lived, she would not have popped up in his narrow searches, he said. "You want it to take under two minutes to view photos and read your profile," Davis advised.

She said that breaks down to two paragraphs about you, one paragraph about what you’re looking for and four to seven photos. For example, if you’re not in search of a long-term relationship, do not pursue someone who is.

You'll hurt people's feelings and waste everyone's time.

All our experts agreed: The best way to set your profile apart is to tell a story.

A bunch of adjectives coupled with a list of activities is not distinctive.

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